xps panels extruding machine

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xps panels extruding machine

xps panels extruding machine

Extruder specification
75 twin /150 with electromagnetic heating
Screw diameter(Mm)
75 twin
Screw ration(L/D)
Heating sections
Heating power(Kw)
Driving power(Kw)
Width of board(mm)
Thickness of board(mm)
Installed power(Kw)
Total Weight(T)
Hardiness of board (kpa)
Foaming agent
1. XPS resin was injected into the machinery from the 150mm screw so that the equipment polystyrene request will get lower, greatly reducing the cost of raw material. This machine can use EPS recycle material.
2. The machine adopts PLC and touch screen, automatic filling, electronic weighing, temperature control, material level control to realize automatic production.
3.Closed expansion chamber enables expansion under constant pressure., high steaming efficiency and steam saving.
4. Users can regulate freely according to requirements with automatic width and thickness regulation function;
5. Automatic screen can be changed conveniently during production
6. The machine uses international famous brand products for major components, so the equipment can perform smoothly with low power consumption, long service life and high efficiency.
Warranty clause
We give one year warranty service.
Parts are available free within one year in case of quality problem. We collect only cost price out of one year when parts have problem.
Youtube Video
extruded polystyrene foam panels production line from China

FAQs of xps panels extruding machine?

What’s the Price of xps panels extruding machine ?
Dear Friend,
if you are interested in xps panels extruding machine, please contact us first, because that different requirements on the same type xps panels extruding machine, the price maybe a little different, but we will give you the best price.

What’s the shipping method of xps panels extruding machine?
We can ship the xps panels extruding machine as your requirement, usually, we ship xps panels extruding machine by shipping company, which is more economical, you will save more money.

We can offer all kinds of xps panels extruding machine, any questions, welcom to contact us.

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