Features of automatic EPS block molding machine

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air-cooling eps block molding machine
air-cooling eps block molding machine

The automatic EPS block machine is air cooling type,it is with block mold size adjustable,so,client with the machine can make different size of EPS block.

EPS block mould
EPS block mould
  1. The specifications of the EPS block mold can be made according to the size required by the customer. This machine is an automatic machine that can produce various specifications.
  1. The two-stage filling method shortens the filling time, and eliminates the phenomenon of unsatisfactory filling and unformed filling in the corners.
  1. The exhaust hole of the stainless steel plate of the mold cavity on the EPS block mould is processed by laser cutting, which increases the smoothness of steam supply.
  1. The connection method of steam and drainage is improved, the connection method of metal seal is adopted, and the connection method of the rubber tube which is fragile and easy to leak is replaced and removed, and the connection system is completed.
  1. In order to prevent the mechanical deformation caused by the impact during mechanical operation, the moving mode of the movable die is changed from the link type to the track type, and the simplicity of repair is added during the design and production.

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