DIY cnc foam cutter

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New customers for foam cutting machines for the first time is not knowing much of the machines, Previously, most of them are familiar to the sawing cutting machine for industrial line .

DIY cnc foam cutter is equipment for processing eps materials such as foam decorations for 2D or 3D models.Cutting tools are nichrome wires. It is easy to find nichrome wire cutters in market. With the development of the industry, the advantages of electric cutting have gradually become apparent. It has the advantages of high cutting efficiency, accurate cutting size, and high precision.

diy cnc foam cutter

The DIY foam cutter can be many applications.Speaking of foam sculpture, it is also common in life. It is often seen in shopping malls such as festive decorations, visual images for brand promotion, Christmas venues, and indoor and outdoor relief murals.For foam sculpture, the necessary tool is the foam cutting machine. The foam material is cut and shaped by a foam cutting machine, and then finely polished, and finally colored.

However, the purpose of the DIY foam cutter is not limited to these applications.The foam materials commonly used in summer and the sofa cushions that are used every day need to use the foam cutting machine.

Of course, compared to the large-scale CNC foam cutting machines used in industrial production, most of the foam cutting tools commonly used in daily life are used to cut simple foam boards, so most of them use knives to cut, but they usually cause too much burrs and broken edges. There are too many crumbs.

Compared with the technical difficulty of the CNC foam cutting machine, it is easier to make a simple DIY cnc foam cutter by hand.

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