Good machine does not require after sales service?

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hot wire foam cutting machine
Undoubtedly,after sales service is an extremely important in the development of an enterprise in modern society,. However, there is a saying in the market: “Good machine does not require after sales service, no matter how long it is used, it will not break; and those with good after-sales service are having the reason that the equipment is always broken, so they have to rely on after-sales service to provide maintenance service.” This sentence sounds right to a layman, but when you think about it, it’s not a case at all. No matter how excellent the hot wire foam cutting machine it is, certain parts loss will inevitably occur during normal operation. What’s more, does a good after-sales service just limited at “repairing” the machine?
hot wire foam cutting machine
With the continuous improvement of machine technology, although the operation will become simpler and simpler, the principle will become more and more complicated. Therefore, suppliers of hot wire foam cutting machines are required to provide more technical support, which is an aspect of after-sales service. From this point of view, for any company, after-sales service is not only necessary, but also necessary. At present, competition in the domestic and foreign markets is fierce. Therefore, suppliers need to use after-sales service as a competitive weapon, as a breakthrough, and move customers with the charm of the product and the thoughtfulness of all customers. Not only that, but the diligent and sincere service for the sake of customers can bring customer satisfaction. Therefore, excellent after-sales service can stabilize performance and increase revenue. A salesperson in the industry once said: “Only by replacing sales with high-quality services is the number one factor in maintaining performance year after year.”

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