The work principle of making EPS insulation sheets and EPS box

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EPS insulation block
EPS insulation block

The EPS machine line consists of boiler system, pre-foaming system, EPS silo system and conveying system, forming system, heat treatment system, cutting machine and recycling system.

The principle of block molding: expandable polystyrene (EPS) raw materials are pre-foamed twice to form spherical foamed particles. These particles can become relatively large rectangular foamed blocks after being added to the molding die through the silo. After heat treatment and shaping After entering the cutting and other processes, it will eventually become a block and sheets can be cut;

nf eps block
nf eps block

Box molding: it can also be directly processed into various packaging materials through forming molds after it outputs from silo.The molds in molding machine are designed with your box models and size.There will be automatic and semi automatic molding machine with your different capacity.

foam box
foam box

Expandable polystyrene (EPS) materials are widely used in engineering thermal insulation, industrial packaging and other fields. Such materials can be made into sheets, and can be shaped into various shapes of packaging according to molds. The cell structure of this type of product is a structure in which many foam balls are bonded to each other.

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