installation of cnc foam cutting machine

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4 axis cnc foam cutting machine is with single hot wire for cutting eps foam into 3D,2D and 4D models.The 4 axis can be independently controlled which will be motioned at different directions.

single hot wire cnc foam cutting machine
single hot wire cnc foam cutting machine

The machine parts are control box,worktable,hot wire and motion parts,motion parts are horizontal and vertical motion parts.Horizontal motion parts are ball screw and guiding rail,stepper motors which set on the two ends of worktable.vertical motion parts are vertical guiding rails,ball screw,stepper motors .The hot wire fixed seat are on the ball screw,the hot wire ends are connected on the hot wire seats.

Hot wire will be working across the working table,the control box is under the worktable.Band software is installed on the machine to work for 4 axis coordination to cut eps foam.

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