Nonflammable eps coating machine

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Nonflammable eps coating machine

Nonflammable eps coating machine

It is thermosetting polystyrene coating machine,TPS coating machine in short,people also call it NF eps coating machine,modified eps coating machine,propor coating machine etc,it is for coating nonflammable (NF) liquid on eps beads.With the nonflammable liquid,the thermoplastic beads turn into thermosetting beads.
Machine Capacity: 260-300m³/8h
This machine work for feeding,mixing,coating and drying on the expanded EPS beads with NF liquid.
  1. Thermosetting polystyrene Coating machine works by mixing shaft with paddle to mix the eps beads with fire proof chemical materials in a close can.Thru the heat treatment with constant temprature,each bead can be coated with fire proof chemicals.
  2. The drying process is on the top and botom of the drying machine which make the capacity bigger.
  3. The feeding can and silo can be weighed and calculated in feeding.
  4. The materials classification is by air blowing which will remove the cakings etc and make good coated beads.It is important for the later cutting process and to be good finished product.
  5. The working pressure is at minus negative pressure which can reduce the peculiar smell in workshop.
  6. Modified eps coating machine work with PLC programming control with touch screen,easy to operate.
  7. Appropriative feeding blower for coating machine is with aerodynamics,it is designed with shell,impeller,negative pressure panels etc,which can make feeding not via impeller,so,impeller will not block it and output the materials directly.It can reduce the coating powder removal happens.It is guarantee of fire proof characteristics.
Foam Panels Making Procedure
NF eps pre-expander—> Dryer–> Silo —> Coating machine —> Silo —> Block molding machine —> Drying room —> Cutting machine —> Package machine
nonflammable eps foam block machine
1) Eps pre-expander can be same as the regular eps pre-expander.
2) The NF eps block molding machine can not be made by general eps block molding machine,it need extra stronger ventilation sheet of stainless steel materials,stronger steam supply and machine materials.
3) NF eps cutting machine requires a vibrating hot wire cutting line with three directions cutting for horizontal,vertical and cross cutting.
NF eps foam is flame retardant with coating layers on eps beads.NF eps is different with traditional eps foam.
Traditional eps foam is easy to burn with dripping,the foam structure is changed and melted.And the toxic air come from burning.Thermosetting polystyrene foam is different performance with burning.It is carbonised with fire and foam structure is not changed,no dripping,no fire to light it,no toxic air come from it.Except of the flame-retardant, heat-resistant performance,it also has good insulation chracteristics as traditional eps foam.That is why it is populiar in foam insulation and begin to replace the traditional eps foam market.
modified eps foam block making machine
Chemical Supply
1) eps chemicals
2) Coating chemicals
3) Curing agent
Most important key for making NF eps block is NF eps coating liquid which is to prevent the eps beads from burning.Luckly,you have us to supply chemical solutions for customers,if you need the solutions,pls contact us.

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