Important things for EPS machine

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polystyrene insulation
polystyrene insulation

The important thing for EPS machine is to control the feeding capacity and stability.This can be achieved by abruptly curing the polymer matrix of small EPS machine or gradually reducing the deformability of the matrix.many method to stabilize the EPS foam from EPS machine by reducing the tension and air diffusion.In the foaming process, the cooling of the material or the cross-linking of the resin can increase the viscosity of the plastic liquid and achieve the purpose of stabilizing the foam.

air-cooling eps block molding machine
air-cooling eps block molding machine

Stage 1: Foaming stage. Formation of the bubble core: adding synthetic resin to the small EPS machine and chemical blowing agent or air. When the temperature increases or the pressure decreases, air will be generated to form foam. When the air exceeds the air in the melt or solution, when the saturation limit constitutes a supersaturated solution, the air will escape from the melt and form bubbles. At a certain temperature and pressure, the decrease in solubility coefficient will result in a decrease in the concentration of dissolved air, and the released excess air will form bubbles.

Stage 3: Foam core addition: in the foaming process of EPS machine, the addition rate of bubbles depends on the addition rate of the internal pressure of the bubbles and the deformation of the bubble rate. After the bubble is formed, since the air pressure in the bubble is inversely proportional to the radius, the smaller the bubble, the higher the internal pressure, the number of bubbles is increased through nucleation, and the expansion of the bubble is increased. The main factors that promote the addition of foam are the addition of dissolved air, the increase in temperature, the expansion of air and the combination of bubbles.

Stage 3: Stabilization and curing of the foam: Of course, if the cell addition process is not interrupted at a certain stage, some larger cells can be added to make the material constituting the cell wall reach the destruction limit, and all subsequent units will Interact with each other. Collusion can destroy the entire foam structure, or indicate that all air will slowly diffuse from the bubble into the atmosphere. The pressure of the air in the foam will gradually decay, and the bubbles will gradually become smaller and disappear.

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