introduction of linear foam coating machine

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The linear foam coating machine has automatic cement loading, automatic lifting and one-time forming, adjustable thickness , free access to the construction site over two meters without dismantling any parts.

linear foam coating machine
linear foam coating machine

Feeding at one time with foam coating machine should below 3.5 meters, no need to feed while rising, so it is fully automatic. It can be operated by 1-2 people, without scaffolding and runway. The verticality and flatness meet the standard. Retractable gantry, retractable ash hopper, filled with cement can be used for one-time powder to the top, easy to lift, easy to move, simple to operate, superior performance, daily coating 350M2. There is no uniform industry standard for foam coating machines. There are different standards, such as flatness. Not suitable for complex structure projects, the machine cannot be arranged and operated normally; The corner area cannot be smoothed, the beam, slab and column area cannot be applied, and manual plastering is still required; There is no uniform industry standard for plastering machines, and different standards, such as flatness, etc.;

architectural foam molding
architectural foam molding

At present, many coating projects are contract labor, and the cost of machinery, maintenance, and transportation is not low. In the short term, there is no cost for machinery.

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