eps shredder recycling machine with dual shafts

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eps shredder
eps shredder

The China made eps shredder can recycle various foam materials like EPS foam,PU foam,XPS foam etc into scraps/particles.

We design the knife and layout of the shafts to make the shredded particles small as 20mm.The materials can not escape out from inlet with good design of the shafts.

eps shredder
eps shredder

It has technical features like below:

  • Shredding knife are cut by CNC cutter which can make all knives same quality with weight,so the working balance performs well.
  • The bearing of eps shredder are durable which can reduce the cost for maintenance.The working efficiency will be increased.
  • The advantage of the inlet of eps shredder is horizontal with ground which is easy for feeding.
  • The de-dusting unit can remove the dust in eps materials during shredding.
Model no.SW1000SW1500
Inlet size1000*800mm1500*800mm
Motorreducer assembly power3kw5.5kw
Blower power3kw5.5kw
Rotating shaft qty2 pcs2 pcs
Output granules diameter20mm20mm

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