Oscillating Blade Contour Cutting Machine

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The fast wire cutting machine uses abrasive wire to cut rigid foam like PU,EVA,EPS,XPS,FOAM GLASS,MINERAL WOOL ETC.
Technical data of fast wire cutting machine
Max. Product Size2500*1200*1000(mm)2500*2000*1200(mm)2500*2500*1200(mm)
Cutting Line1.3~1.5mm
Control SystemIndustrial    Computer
SoftwareD&T    Profiler
Cutting Speed0~6m/min
Vacuum De-dustIncludedIncludedIncluded
Overall Weight1200kg1500kg2200kg
Overall Dimension6200*2400*2380mm6200*3200*2800mm6200*3800*2800mm

Oscillating Blade Contour Cutter

Cutting Method: Oscillating baled

Can Cut material: sponge, EVA, foaming rubber

Advantage: No dust with smooth cutting surface

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