New Design Energy-Saving EPS Shape Moulding Machine

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Energy-Saving EPS Shape Moulding MachineProducts Details: EPS Shape Molding Machine is used together with mould to produce packaging products like electrical packing, vegetable and fruit boxes, seedling trays etc. and construction products like brick insert and ICF etc. With different moulds, the machine can produce different shape. Energy saving type shape molding machine has efficient vacuum system, fast hydraulic system, and fast drainage system. For the same product, cycle time in E type machine is 40% shorter than in normal machine, and energy consumption is 40% less. Machine complete with PLC, touch screen, intellegent filling system, efficient vacuum system, hydraulic system, electric box. Main Features: 1. Machine back plate and fixed mould plate are further enhanced. Machine plate and legs are made in a whole, largely increasing machine strength. 2. Machine plates are processed with zinc treatment to longer the use life. 3. Tie bar has self lubricating. 4. Machine hydraulic system adopt high-speed and high-pressure design, common machine mould closing speed is 180mm/s, E type machine closing speed can reach up to 250mm/s. 5. Mould locking is done at double sides to avoid steam leaking. 6. Ejection cylinder and mould opening cylinder can work simultaneously, reducing ejection time. 7. Use balance valve to control main pipe steam pressure and pressure sensor control mould pressure. 8. Use 4” to 6” big drainage pipe for fast draining. With spray device on the top of vacuum tank to ensure high efficient vacuum and decrease water content in the products.

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