How to clean the table of foam cnc router

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styrofoam cnc router
4D styrofoam cnc router

People who have used the foam cnc router machine for a long time know that the table of the foam cnc router machine is  easy to make uneven burrs. In this case, if your machine is foam cnc router, it is easy to make the board to be uneven. When operating foam cnc router, it is easy to have knife problem, there are many pattern burrs, and it is easy to engrave the board directly, so it is very necessary to clean the table properly.

So how to clean the table top of the foam cnc router machine? Let the editor of cnc router tell you two methods. First make a rectangular plan of the bottom washing path the size of the table, and the depth should not be too deep. The key point is to find the lowest point on the table when setting the knife. Just walk the machine for a while manually to see where it can’t be washed, and set the Z origin at the lowest point. The overlap rate should be high, so that the surface washed out is smoother.

method 1: The base of the countertop is usually made of PVC board. In the software, draw a distance of the same size as the countertop, and then wash the bottom in 2D, which is the same as the normal wash of the two-color board. Change to a thicker twist knife, it will wash quickly. The depth of the knife depends on the situation, basically it is better to be deep to no concave. Just clean it after washing.

styrofoam cnc router
4D styrofoam cnc router

Method 2: Use a special knife for cleaning the end. Find the lowest point of the cnc router  machine table and lower the knife 0.5-1mm deep, and then start the spindle to manually operate it back and forth. Note: Choose different feed speeds according to the table material.

Warm Reminder: The cleaning method of foam cnc router machine is very simple and not troublesome, and the maintenance of the machine can extend the service life of the machine, so it is very necessary to clean the countertop regularly, don’t be lazy!

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