What is the materials of machine body of our styrofoam cnc router

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The body of our Styrofoam CNC router takes aluminum alloy materials which is 4 cm diameter.More and more machines take aluminium materials as machine body.It is light and fashionable.Some rigid strength is there with the aluminium post. 

As the world’s largest industrial aluminum producer, with the rapid economic and social development and the continuous rise of aircraft, automobile industry, rail transit, shipbuilding and other industries, my country has become the world’s major industrial aluminum production, consumption and export country. It has gradually become the vane of the world’s industrial aluminum development. After becoming the world’s largest industrial aluminum producer and consumer, it is certain that it will also become a major industrial aluminum exporter.

styrofoam cnc router
4D styrofoam cnc router

Some people may think that aluminum profiles are long strips of material used on machinery and equipment, and serve as a support for the outer frame. In fact, the use of aluminum profiles is very wide, far more than these.

  1. Transmission equipment framework

Transmission equipment includes belt line, assembly line, plate chain line, roller conveyor line, mesh belt line and so on. The aluminum profile is used as the frame of the conveying equipment to facilitate transportation and can be assembled on-site, without noise and pollution, which is very convenient. 

  1. Workbench frame

Aluminum profiles are generally used for workbench frames in factory workshops because they are easy to handle, anti-static and non-conductive. Whether it is an assembly line workbench or an independent workbench, it can be assembled at will. 

  1. Exhibition shelf

The display rack uses aluminum profile as the frame because it is light, easy to transport, can be built on site, does not need welding, and the shape is more beautiful. 

  1. Whiteboard rack

Whiteboard racks are generally made of small cross-section aluminum profiles, which are commonly used in offices or workshops. Aluminum profile is corrosion-resistant and does not rust, so it is very popular. 

  1. Automation equipment cover

Automation equipment is a relatively sophisticated equipment, which can be operated automatically with a simple operation. The outer frame of the automation equipment can play a dual role of protecting the equipment and the operator. It is generally made of light aluminum profiles. 

  1. Car inspection frame

This is used for inspection by automobile manufacturers, and has relatively high requirements for load-bearing. It is generally assembled with heavy-duty aluminum profiles. 

  1. Mobile maintenance platform

The mobile maintenance platform is customized to facilitate the maintenance of some large-scale vehicles or mechanical equipment. Because of the aluminum profile, the quality is only one-third of the previous one, so it is very convenient to move. Some mobile gap platforms need to be molded to customize aluminum profiles.


The above is the development and use of aluminum profile introduced by us. Its production process is inseparable from the aluminum profile processing center as styrofoam CNC router. The emergence of the aluminum profile processing center has accelerated the rise of the aluminum profile industry.

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