What you need to know when operating eps cutting machine

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hot wire cutting machine

The eps cutting machine is a kind of hot wire cutting machine used for eps styrofoam processing. Although it has a high automation, we still need to do related safety work. Today, we will introduce to you how to safely operate the eps cutting machine.

hot wire eps cutting machine
hot wire eps cutting machine

The external power supply of the eps cutting machine must have a reliable grounding terminal, and the grounding terminal and the grounding grid of the external power supply must be reliably connected. Ordinary operators are not allowed to open the electrical box without authorization, and it must be repaired by professional electrical maintenance personnel in case of failure. When repairing, make sure that the eps cutting machine is in a power-off state, and close all operating devices. Before opening the electrical box, check whether the power supply has been cut off. If it is necessary to maintain the power supply, take corresponding safety protection measures to avoid the risk of electric shock.

When adjusting the fuse of the safety fuse in the eps cutting machine, its current value should be the same as the original one and cannot be increased arbitrarily. The voltage of the power supply shall not exceed 10% of the voltage of the mechanical and electrical equipment to avoid the aging damage of the electrical insulation.

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