How to solve problem of breaking hot wires

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cnc eps cutting machine
cnc eps cutting machine

The hot wires of CNC foam cutting machine can break after working for some time,these circumstance can make wires break:

  1. The guide wheel does not rotate or rotates improperlywhich can cause the hot wire to slide and friction with the guide wheel and break the hot
  2. The wire breaks when the workpiece is nearly finished cutting, it is the deformation of the workpiece material that clamps thehot  wire, and a short circuit will occur before the wire is broken.
  3. The hot wire is broken when the workpiece is cut.
  4. Wire breaks duringrunning without cutting.

cnc eps cutting machine

The relative solution is as below:

  1. Re-adjust the guide wheel of cnc foam cutting machine. When tightening the wire, use a tensioning wheel to tighten the effect. Do not use inappropriate tools; damage to the electrode wire can also cause wire breakage.
  2. Select normal cutting materials and cutting lines during processing, so as to minimize deformation.
  3. Generally, magnets are used to attract the workpiece when the cutting is finished to prevent the electrode wire from breaking.
  4. Check whether the hot wire is in the guide wheel and the wire stopper, whether the hot wire is arranged for overlapping wires, check whether the wire storage drum rotates flexibly, and check whether the conductive block and the wire stopper have cut grooves.

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