international steel price inside and outside China

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International prices are higher than our domestic prices. It will drive our domestic exports and even increase our domestic prices.

According to data from the World Steel Association, in mid-May, the price of hot-rolled coils per ton of steel mills in the Midwest of the United States was US$1,644, which is equivalent to RMB 10,570/ton, which is RMB 4,800 higher than that of the Chinese market. The price per ton is US$1226, which is also RMB 2,116 higher than the Chinese market. According to the data provided by the China Iron and Steel Association, China’s steel price index has risen by 23.95% from the beginning of the year. In the same period, the international steel price index has risen by 57.8%, and the price of steel in the international market has risen significantly higher than that in the domestic market.

aws eps cutting line
hot wire eps cutting line

we supply EPS cutting line from China,the steel price rise sharply after Labour festival,we worry too much of the steel price too.We have to increase quotation if the steel price keep going up.

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