Different decorative styles for building walls

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architectural foam molding
architectural foam molding

We can see many good decorative styles around our buildings,these styles rely on the good EPS moulding which are different styles.The European styles are popular nowadays.How to make the EPS moulding,we can make by Hot wire cnc foam cutting machine and foam coating machine.

eps moulding coating machine
eps moulding coating machine

EPS moulding is a new type of exterior wall decoration moulding and components. It can replace traditional cement components and is more suitable for installation on exterior walls and insulated walls. It can not only reflect the European classical and elegant decoration style, but also ensure that external wall of the main building has no cold and hot bridge effects. Especially for the European style of high-rise buildings, the installation of cement components is very difficult, the construction period is long, cracks will appear for a long time, and the durability is poor. However, the application of EPS moulding has the advantages of easy installation, economy, and long durability.

 Machine Model No.
Coating Width
Coating Height



EPS moulding can be pasted with glass fiber mesh cloth, combined with a special anti-cracking mortar outer protective layer. It will not be affected by temperature changes, cold and heat resistant; not affected by humidity and acid rain. EPS moulding can be fireproof and will not emit toxic substances. It is a good green decorative building material. EPS moulding are cut by computer numerical control, which is fast to produce.Many types and models can be installed on the four sides of windows, doors, corners and walls; it makes the facade of the building more beautiful and brings new ideas to the architects.

eps molding
eps molding

There are many advantage of EPS moulding which is made by foam coating machine,it is loved by people.The EPS moulding is primary choice for decoration of our wall of buildings.

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