Hot wire application on EPS foam cutting

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EPS insulation block
EPS insulation block

Model No. Cr20Ni80 for hot wire is Nichrome alloy materials which contains 80% of nickel and 20% of chrome.This kind of hot wire can be heated and it is suitable for cutting some materials like EPS,XPS,Sponge foam materials.

EPS is expanded polystyrene foam which is used for insulation or decoration or package etc with sheets or 2D,3D,4D shapes in various industry.

cnc foam cutting machine
cnc foam cutting machine

EPS insulation sheets on exterior wall is widely seen in our life such as the building wall and villa wall,road construction is insulation application.We can also see the foam packages like the EPS foam box which is used as package purpose.These application is by hot wire cutting with eps cutting machine which is PLC controlled.The Hot wires on machine go horizontally to cut EPS block into thin sheets and then go up and down to cut the thin sheets into small size insulation sheets.All in one,the hot wire motions linearly.

The hot wire can motion in CNC model with any routine for 2D cutting application.There are multiple wires and single wire CNC foam cutting machine.The two ends of hot wire can go at same speed,same level,same direction.These cutting application is used on EPS moulding which is on the exterior wall.Some are used as decoration on advertisement like the cutting letters,logos etc. Mostly,the cnc foam cutting machine is installed with multiple wires for bulk cutting,it is good capacity.

EPS insulation block
EPS insulation block

Let’s talk about 3D and 4D application.The hot wire on CNC foam cutting machine is installed with one pc only.The two ends of hot wire can go at different speed,different level,different direction to work with 3D/4D cutting application.Such as the spiral column,tapered mould,sculpture,decoration foam etc.

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