Introduction of foam concrete insulation board

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eps molding
eps molding

Foam concrete insulation board is a kind of lightweight board with honeycomb porous structure inside which is used for external insulation of external walls and also used for fire isolation belt. In some places, it is also called foam cement insulation board, foam cement insulation board and so on.

EPS foam materials is in the insulation board which is pre-expanded by foam machine and cut by eps cutting machine.It is a combination of EPS and concrete materials.

polystyrene insulation
polystyrene insulation

Ordinary foam concrete insulation boards can no longer meet the increasing requirements of building energy saving. Therefore, it is necessary to improve all aspects of its performance, make its various technical indicators higher than the current production level, and achieve high performance and high quality to meet future market needs. Therefore, high-performance foamed concrete is a kind of insulation board that can meet the technical requirements of building energy saving and other applications, exceed the existing technical level, and adapt to the long-term development direction. Its main characteristics are high performance, high quality and high grade, which represent the future development direction of foam concrete insulation products. it is called cement-based insulation board in the industry standard JC/T22002013.

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