Foam window trim cutting process

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arc cutter
arc cutter

Window trim cutting process

You buy a full size eps insulation block and put it on cnc foam cutting machine,make cutting into many small size trim shape models.Then, you put it on arc cutter to cut window trim.

  1. It can cut two pieces of 6m*1.2*1m whole board or 5 pieces of 1.2*1*0.6 at the same time by cnc foam cutting machine, which improves production efficiency. The cutting accuracy can be controlled within 0.1mm.


  1. Good structure ratio, frame materials, connection parts and connection methods make the machine frame stable.


  1. The cnc foam cutting machine is beautiful, high-grade and practical, and all pipes are treated with rust prevention.


  1. Using a voltage regulator, the output voltage is 50v


  1. Software: The computer control system adopted by the CNC foam cutting machine, the unique design of the machine card separated by our factory, the card is equipped with a dedicated control box, which is stable in the cutting operation; and even if the computer mainframe fails, the software card is Unaffected, change the computer at will to continue working; the developed XP/WINDOWS7 system cutting software is compatible with CAD and can draw various graphics directly on the computer, and then input it to the console to cut directly. The user can also use the U disk to input the 3B code of the pattern or text to be cut into the controller for direct cutting. There will be no crashes, jams, data loss and other failures. The display screen has the functions of displaying cutting patterns, tracking cutting, etc.; with stroke protection function, when the movement stroke exceeds the specified stroke, the equipment will automatically protect and stop. In addition, it also has a power-off memory EPS foam arc cutting machine to cut foam arc window trim. CNC foam cutting machine is mainly used for various special-shaped grooves such as foam board, dovetail groove, saw-shaped groove, trapezoidal groove, European-style building eaves line, foot line, Roman column cylinder cutting, and color steel plate sandwich foam various shapes and complex The cutting of 3D design tools such as symbols, letters, text graphics, architectural shapes, etc., all 2D graphics can be cut.
arc cutter
arc cutter

Foam arc cutter introduction


  1. The electric heating wire created by the foam window trim arc cutter is used for EPS cutting to meet the accuracy of the design shape.


  1. The adjustment of the telescopic rod can cut and transform the arc line angle of a larger radius, including other concentric shapes such as the column head and the bottom of the column.


  1. Adjustable cutting height.


  1. Fix the scraper on the rod to cover the curved surface. The arc cutter is changed to transverse cutting heating wire, which can reach six meters. It is specially designed for steel structure color steel plate factory. It has the characteristics of smooth cutting operation.

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