hot wire application for operating hot wire cutter

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hot wire cutter
hot wire cutter

Hot wire is cheap price and easy to get from market,the question trouble us is what diameter of wires is suitable for cutting foam,what electric current is ok?You will face the questions when you operating your hot wire cutter.

There are some different pairs for different requirement,I get data from actual test which is with conditions of 300w,600w,800w and 1000w at interchange at 18v,they are as follows:

It need proper cutting temperature.electric current is 44%~56%.Such as 800w electricity,current will be 800÷220×0.45≈1.64a.

To get proper wire length,it needs consideration on the electric voltage.For each voltage,300w is 4.5cm length,600w is .3cm,800w is 7.7cm,1000w is 9.2cm.there will be 15~20cm length for adjustment.

hot wire application for operating hot wire cutter

The 300w electric furnace wire needs a higher voltage, which is only suitable for small precision parts; 600~800 is more suitable. More than 1000 requires sufficient power, and the wire is hard and not straight, but it can be an excellent tool for digging holes in the foam.

The cutting temperature of the foam is below 200 degrees, so there is no need to burn it to be red, which will make it soft. The electric stove wire should be strung on a core rod such as iron wire and stretched tangentially, and then carefully straightened.

Properly adjust the temperature, you can cut foam sponge and other foam sheets by hot wire cutter.

The hot wire are nicrome wire which part number is is popular in the market.Pls choose the suitable hot wire for your hot wire cutter.

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