CNC foam grooving machine with router software

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cnc foam grooving machine
cnc foam grooving machine

This CNC foam grooving machine is with shaped wire and it can be with router is low cost and practical solutions for foam package line.For making foam packages,people use another totally different machine —  foam shape forming machine with metal mold which is costly for the forming machine and also the mold.But the cost for our foam groove package machine is much affordable.

cnc foam grooving machine
cnc foam grooving machine

This CNC foam grooving machine can cut grooves on foam with multiple pre-shaped wires which is pre-bended rigid wire as you desire the wire shape to be like,just any shape you want the foam to be cut,The bent shapes can be linear,curve,square,ripple or any other shapes you want it to be.The cutting wire and its tools can travel up and down,horizontally on X and Y axis ,and it can also rotate.We can also design the tools for foam object to move horizontally instead of hot wire is fully custom machine.

it is 4 axis working machine,the table work can design other models and we make the machine from it.

We give router software in lenovo laptop and users can be easy to operate the machine with software installed well.

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