Technical feature of EPS pre-expander

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eps pre-expander
eps pre-expander

myaid machinery supply China made automatic batch eps pre-expander machine.

eps pre-expander
eps pre-expander

our pre-expander optimize the reduntant design,it is simple design,capacity is big and good P/P ratio.
hydraulic system is equiped,it works stable,low noise.
vacuum system can be stronger for capacity of moldig,the cooling time is reduced,water content is reduced too.
Fault self-diagnosis and motor protection are to protect the machine work.
The EPS pre-expander can be available with automatic,semi-automatic,manual operations.
The expander takes PLC control with imported brand,screen touch with English and Chinese language.
The EPS pre-expander enjoys with heating,cooling,feeding and status monitering etc feature for different EPS product.
Hot galvanized process is on machine body which enjoys with longer life.

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