CNC revolving contour cutting machine for sponge insulation pipe cutter

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Product Introduction

    The D&T cnc circle knife foam cutting machine is a kind of complex shape cutter which is suitable for flexible foam. The blade cuts with high speed,  resulting that works faster and the product will be smoother. Espacially, no dust when you cut flexible PU.

Main Features of fast wire machine

1. Fast wire machine is suit for sponge, flexible PU.
2. Cutting line: high speed, toothed blade.
3. The blade cuts with high speed vibrating, so that it work faster and product will be smoother
4. No dust.
5. Simple operation
6. Different working tables for choosing to meet your request.

Max. Product SizeL2500*W2000*1000mmL3000*W2200*H1200mmL2500*W2500*H1200mm
Blade Size3*0.6mm3*0.6mm3*0.6mm
Control SystemIndustrial ComputerIndustrial ComputerIndustrial Computer
Cutting Speed0~40m/min0~40m/min0~40m/min
Total Power5kw,380V,50Hz6kw,380V,50Hz8kw,380V,50Hz
Overall Weight2500kg2800kg3000kg

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