How will SIPS house benefit us?

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EPS insulation block
EPS insulation block

SIPS is Structural insulated panels that are a high-performance building system for residential and light commercial construction.It can bring us some benefits as below.

Once installed, SIP panels deliver unrivaled insulation and air tightness, which reduces energy costs over the building’s lifetime. SIPs are known to be about 50% more energy-efficient than traditional timber framing. A SIP building envelope has minimal thermal bridging and delivers excellent air tightness, which lends itself ideally to LEED and net-zero-ready building standards.

Structural insulated panels

A SIP home or commercial building allows better control over indoor air quality because the airtight building envelope limits incoming air to controlled ventilation which filters out contaminants and allergens. The SIP envelope doesn’t have the voids or thermal bridging of conventional stick framing that can cause condensation leading to potentially hazardous mold, mildew or rot.


SIPs house are highly energy-efficient and therefore contribute positively to the environment by reducing CO2 levels.  They also use significantly less energy during the manufacturing process compared to traditional construction methods and have lower embodied energy than traditional construction materials, such as steel, concrete and masonry.

SIPS cutting machine
Structural insulated panels

SIPS cutting machine can cut EPS foam sheets in the SIPS.

SIP walls and roofs are designed and precisely manufactured offsite. This allows the building to be assembled onsite quickly and made watertight in a matter of days. This reduces costs such as project management, scaffolding, framing labor and much more. A BASF time-motion study confirmed that SIP panels reduce jobsite labor needs by 55%.

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