Advantage of PU composite panels

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Polyurethane/Phenolic panels machinery

The core advantages of polyurethane composite panels as insulation materials:

(1) Flame retardant and fire protection: the product has passed the inspection, and the combustion level can reach the corresponding standard;
(2) Green and environmental protection: no formaldehyde, no microbial invasion, and can be recycled;
(3) Fast construction: Polyurethane sandwich panels are produced in a highly controlled and constant temperature environment in the factory, with stable quality, fast construction and more than 35 years of application;
(4) Airtight sound insulation: good attractiveness, and can reduce the sound caused by the impact of rain, hail, etc.;
(5) Energy saving and heat preservation: the closed cell rate of the core material is ≥97%, and the heat insulation performance is superior;
(6) Beautiful and economical: various surface forms, color and grace, reduce material loss, save construction time and engineering costs;

Structural insulated panels

Polyurethane composite panels are simple to operate and low cost, and are widely used in my country. With the improvement of my country’s polyurethane building energy-saving and other related policies, my country’s polyurethane will play a greater role in various fields, and the prospect will be brighter.


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