2019 Latest Version Atc CNC Router EPS Cutting Machine for Foam PVC EPS Carton Box

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4 axis styrofoam cnc router
4 axis styrofoam cnc router
2019 Latest Version Atc CNC Router EPS Cutting Machine for Foam PVC EPS Carton Box

Features of this styrofoam cnc router Machine for Foam PVC EPS Carton Box:

1.  Heavy duty machine body, thick steel tube welding structure, whole machine weight more than 3.0 tons, guarantee the high working accuracy.

2.  The machine base processed by precise milling machine and stress relieved by heat treatment, ensure long-term use without deformation.  

3.  Using CNC center to drill holes for installing gear racks and guiding rails, gurantee presicion.

4.  Using the most advanced laser interformeter & Renishaw ballbar to measure accuracy;

5.  Linear auto tool changing system, 8/10pcs tools station, changing tools within 2 seconds.

6.  Core components are top brands in the world. Eg, Italy HSD Spindle and tool holder, Taiwan linear square rails, Japan servo motor, etc. 

7.  Fixed heavy duty spindle router with one or two interchangeable tools position for creasing wheel, drag knife, foam knife and V-knife, offers more versatility.

8.  With a CCD positioning system, the machine can cut printed images.

9.  Machine workbench size can be customized.

4 axis styrofoam cnc router
4 axis styrofoam cnc router


Materials: 2D or 3D engrave and cut on Acrylic, Aluminum, Copper, Jade,MDF Board, ABS Sheet, ACP, Foam Board, PVC,etc.


1) It can be used as a normal heavy duty CNC router for making signs, wood furniture, door and window, art crafts, make instruments, etc. 

2) Compatible with a UV flatbed printer, it can cut printed images on hard materials such as PVC, acrylic, etc. It is the best partner of UV flatbed printers.

3) With an optional creasing wheel tool, this machine can be used in Packing Industry to make carton packing boxes.

Technical Parameters:


Working Size1300 x 2500 x 200mm
(4.3×8.2 x0.66ft)
1500 x 3000 x 200mm
(4.9×9.8 x0.66ft)
2000 x 3000 x 200mm
Spindle   RPM24000 9KW Italy HSD ES951 ISO30 or Hiteco ATC 9KW spindle
InverterDelta inverter 11KW
Driving motor1.3KW Japan Yaskawa Servo motor
ReducerJapan Shimpo Reducer
Tool StockLinear tool holder 8pcsLinear tool holder 10pcsLinear tool holder 10pcs
Tool HolderOriginal Taiwan brand tool holder
TransmissionXY axis Helical gear rack from Germany or Taiwan  
Z axis high accuracy TBI ball screw
XYZ Guiding RailsXYZ axis Taiwan PMI30 square rails
Cooling systemmist sprayer cooling system
TableT-slot HPL Vacuum table with powerful air cooling vacuum pump
Repositiong Accuracy0.05-0.1mm
Tool CalibrationAutomatic Tool Sensor
Dust collector          Up-down dust collecting brush head and Easy-move dust collector
Max. Move Speed60000mm/m
Max.Spindle Speed    RPM24000rpm 
Controller systemPC based NC Studio Controller 95A-4S with handle wheel
CCD CameraJapan camera
Design Software(2D/3D)UCANCAM/Type3/ARTCAM
Support file formatG code
VoltageAC 380V/60Hz/3PHASE
Net WeightAbout 3200kgAbout 3400kgAbout 3800kg
Transport WeightAbout 3400kgAbout 3600kgAbout 4000kg
Dimensions(LXWXH)4100 x 3800 x 2000 mm4300 x 4000 x 2000 mm4600x4000x2000mm
Packing Dimensions4210 x 2200 x 2000 mm 4610 x 2200 x 2000 mm4800 x 2200 x 2000 mm
Oscillating Knife Atc CNC Router Cutting Machine for Foam PVC EPS Carton Box
Oscillating Knife Atc CNC Router Cutting Machine for Foam PVC EPS Carton Box

Our Value and Obligation:

1) Do business with integrity. No cheating and deception.

2) We are committed to offer high quality products.

3) We are committed to provide professional and efficient premium services.

4) If you are or will be a distributor, we are willing to help you develop new markets, enhance performance.

5) If you are the end user, we will help you choose the right products and offer life-time technical support. 


Quality Control: 

1) During procurement, we have strict control about the quality of the spare parts.

2) Manufacturing period, we have QC department to monitor each step of production process by different testing toolsand inspection forms.

3) Before shipment, we will test machine by different common materials, and make necessary adjustment and data record. Also we will take photos and some sampling videos for customers. 


1) Two years warranty for the whole machine; Lifetime Maintenance.

2) Within warranty period, any damage happens due to machine quality problems; VICUT will be responsible for replacing parts for free, except regular consumables (such as cutting tools) and the damage by man-made irregular operating.

3) If any part damaged is not in warranty period, VICUT will repair it for free.

4) Customer has to pay the International Express cost.

5) Warranty time starts after goods arrival in customer’s location.

After-sale Service:

  1. Guarantee long-term supply for spare parts; Unlimited Lifetime maintenance.
  2. Offer life-time 24 hours online technical support for free. We can communicate by way of phone, e-mail, whatsapp, wechat, QQ, skype, or team-view, etc.
  3. Offer free training for operation & maintenance of equipment in our factory.
  4. Offer On-Site paid service for machine installation and technical training. Customer need to pay visa application cost, air ticket cost, local hotel & food cost, and service cost is 80USD per day.
  5. We will make return visit non-scheduled, in order to make assessment for after-sale service technician, make sure our service more and more better. 

We also supply 5 axis CNC router from China which is suitable for carving big size statue.

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