automatic eps silo system

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automatic eps silo system


We can see rows of big eps silo in big eps insulation factory,they are the biggest devices of all.They are for storing the preexpaded eps beads for further aging.The beads will stay in the silo for some hours until it goes into next procedure.

Automatic eps silo system include silo net,silo rack,controlling cabinet,photosensor,spiral pipes and pipe fittings,fan,valve etc.Eps foamed beads will store in silo from pre-expander and dryer, come out of silo until it is fully aged.With intelligent controlling system,operation work on eps silo will be easy,save labors and capable to control more silos instead of manual operation.
How automatic eps silo work?
For single silo,automatic system can monitor and display its status as empty or full.The valve and fan for it will stop when it is full,start work for next silo automatically thru the set up of controlling system.Until the scheduled duration,silo with preset time will automatically ouput the aged beads.The work can be cycled.There is alarm when single/multi silo is/are full.
The alarm can also stop your output work when you want to output specific silo,cause the beads will not come out of silo until the scheduled aging duration finished.You can enquire silo status,work time etc,and set up the aging duration,on/off specific multi silos,arrange operation authority etc.
What is the materials of EPS silo bags ?
We offer nylon materials eps silo with mesh 50 or mesh 80.
Mesh Value
2.5m*2.5m* (4+1)m
Nylon and cloth
Mesh 50,Mesh 80
Nylon and cloth
Mesh 50,Mesh 80
Nylon and cloth
Mesh 50,Mesh 80
Warranty clause
We give one year warranty service. Parts are available free within one year in case of quality problem

FAQs of automatic eps silo system?

What’s the Price of automatic eps silo system ?
Dear Friend,
if you are interested in automatic eps silo system, please contact us first, because that different requirements on the same type automatic eps silo system, the price maybe a little different, but we will give you the best price.

What’s the shipping method of automatic eps silo system?
We can ship the automatic eps silo system as your requirement, usually, we ship automatic eps silo system by shipping company, which is more economical, you will save more money.

We can offer all kinds of automatic eps silo system, any questions, welcom to contact us.

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