eps compactor technical feature

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eps compactor
eps compactor

The eps compactor consists of the below parts which are important for the eps recycling machine.

eps compactor
eps compactorspe
  1. The foam feeding input can be customized according to the different densities of the raw materials from customer. The pressure rod to speed up the foam blanking and the baffle to restrain the fast blanking can be customized for the customer. Customers can choose according to their own conditions;


  1. The material part of the screw rod is made of high-carbon chromium bearing steel, which not only improves the wear resistance of the whole screw, but also relatively improves the rust resistance of the screw and increases the life of the screw;


  1. In the temperature control part, according to the problems encountered by the majority of users in practice, a temperature control device is added to the eps compactor, which not only avoids the trouble of the host wiring, but also solves the problem of temperature measurement. Now it can be accurate.if you knowthe temperature of the upper and lower screws, and adjust the temperature of the upper and lower screws according to the color of the particles. It is scientific and controllable. The raw materials produced are very transparent and will not burn or melt;


  1. The grinding head part adopts a double screen changing head, which solves the trouble of the original machine when the screen is changed and then reheats. It not only saves time but also saves costs; at the same time, a hydraulic screen changer is produced according to customer needs Head, its characteristics are: “no material leakage, energy saving and time saving, easy to operate”, greatly increasing the output of the equipment;


  1. As for the safety parts,when makingthe eps compactor, we always consider the non-hazardous problem. When the eps compactor is working, one is the problems is that the high temperature make it burns, and the other is the circuit problem. When buying, consider the staff when the equipment is working. Whether the heater can be accessed, and whether the circuit is guaranteed when working, the eps compactor is equipped with a full set of high temperature protection. For the motor part, the fast-running motor belt of the foam pellet machine is prone to problems. We use a full-covered shield, which not only ensures the stability of the motor during operation, but also adds a lot to the aesthetics of the whole eps compactor machine.

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