Fallback function of cnc foam cutting machine

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cnc foam cutting machine
cnc foam cutting machine for 2D MODELS

TheĀ  cnc foam cutting machine uses cnc software to cut 2D and 3D foam models,we need it function with fallback in cutting.

In processing or single-segment processing, once a high-frequency short circuit occurs, the system stops interpolation. If the short circuit reaches the set number of times within the set control time (see machine parameter setting) (set by the screen, for example: 907. See “eps line cutting machine machine parameter setting”). The system will automatically retreat (the retreat speed can be set on the screen one by one, see “Machine Parameter Setting”). If the short circuit cannot be eliminated within the set control time, it will automatically cut off the high frequency and stop.

When the system is in the 6-movement short-circuit retreat state, the retreat mark on the gap indicator (when displayed in waveform mode) will be red, and the interpolation trace will also be red (color display version). In the system static state, the system performs a fallback operation. The speed is constant as the system set a value of 1:1, and it will automatically stop when it retreats to the end of the current segment.

cnc foam cutting machine
cnc foam cutting machine for 2D MODELS

EPS CNC foam cutting machine products use high-strength flame-retardant polystyrene foam as the matrix, glass fiber mesh cloth as the reinforcement material, and polymer mortar as the protective layer. It uses mechanical automation technology to composite molding, and continuous products are produced without interruption.

EPS foam moldings are an upgrade and ideal replacement product of current GRC and other exterior wall building decoration components, and it is also an important part of the exterior wall insulation system

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