How to recycle the EPS foam waste?

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foam box
foam box

The EPS foam waste recycling is paid more attention in China recent years,cause it is widely used in our daily life and by industrial application.It is piled up everywhere and we need to solve the problem.

How to recycle the EPS foam waste by EPS recycling?

(1) Pelletizing after volume reduction, polystyrene foam can be melt-extruded and pelletized to make recycled pellets, but it is bulky and feces transported, so volume reduction is usually required before recycling. The methods are mechanical method, solvent method and heating method.

(2) After crushing, it can be used as filler. After crushing, polystyrene foam products can be used as filler to make various products.

Such as ① re-molded into foam products

② Concrete composite panel products

③ Gypsum sandwich brick

④ Used as asphalt reinforcing agent

⑤ Used as soil modifier

EPS box waste
EPS box waste

(3) The device for cracking oil or recovering styrene and waste polystyrene foamed plastic cracking to oil is as follows

waste polystyrene foam pretreatment heat treatment volume reduction catalytic cracking rectification styrene

(4) Others, waste polystyrene foam can be used to make coatings and adhesives.

① Paint, expandable polystyrene foam can be made into paint by adding appropriate solvent after crushing.

② Adhesive, mixed solvent of ester and benzene, adding waste polystyrene foam, anti-precipitation agent, plasticizer, phenolic resin and other additives, can be used to make coatings for cement, steel and wood.

③ Brominated to prepare brominated polystyrene flame retardant, aluminum dichloride is used as a catalyst to make waste polystyrene and bromine undergo electrophilic substitution reaction to obtain brominated polystyrene, and the bromine content can reach 60% to 70%. %, as a flame retardant for thermoplastics such as PET, ABS, and nylon. Brominated polystyrene is cheap, and has good flame retardant effect and thermal stability. The dosage of 5 parts (mass) can have obvious flame retardant effect. When used together with antimony trioxide, it has a good flame retardant synergistic effect.

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