The EPS coating machine for decorative mouldings is good design

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eps moulding coating machine
eps moulding coating machine

The foam coating machine can work automatically for coating mortar for EPS decorative mouldings,it is automated working,you just feed at the edge of coating machine and it automatically conveyed into the mold for coating. The coated mouldings have high precision and good quality; the finished EPS products are widely used in building decoration.

eps moulding coating machine
eps moulding coating machine

The linear foam coating machine for eps decoration is a key machine for making decorative mouldings. It adopts PLC control and roller guide to realize the fully automatic operation of the whole machine.

The EPS coating machine has its mechanism to convey the mouldings and output thru rollers,the output can be placed on the machine to achieve continuous working to meet the specific requirements of users .

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