eps mixing machine mixing eps recycled materials with origin eps beads

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eps mixing machine
eps mixing machine

The eps mixing machine can mix the recycled eps scrap and origin eps beads together by proportional percentages which can be adjusted during working.The mixed beads can be reused in making new eps insulation sheets.10% to 30% recycled materials can be reused in making eps insulation sheets.

The foamwaste is recycled by eps shredder and output into round particles. The particles are produced during this proces. The raw materials and dust are sent to the powder separator, and the separation device with a screw is used to separate the powder particles in a vacuum state. The separated powder is sent to the filter station for collection, and the available particles are sent to the proportional eps mixing machine,the material cage on the machine and the fresh raw materials are mixed in proportion according to the requirements of the product through the proportioning mixer, and the mixed raw materials are sent to the raw material cage to wait for the molding of the product.

Such a well-designed foam recycling system has passed many foreign tests, and its performance indicators are better than other foreign products. In a foam product factory in Germany, we can mix 25% recycled materials on packaging products. Affecting its quality, the test results proved that the physical properties of products containing 25% processed recycled materials are the same as those of 100% fresh raw materials, and the appearance seems even more the same size like new materials.

The eps mixing machine can be good support for eps insulation factory ,they can lower cost by using recycled eps materials than new prefoamed eps materials.

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