EPS foam block cutting Machine EPS Board Cutting Machine cutter eps block into panel

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EPS foam block cutting Machine EPS Board Cutting Machine cutter eps block into panel


1. The main frame of the machine is welded from square profile steel,with strong structure and high strength.

2. The machine has horizontal,cross,and edge cutting devices.

3. The machine adopts transducer to get the suitable cutting speed for different types of EPS blocks with different density.

4. Voltage adjustment.With the transducer,the machine can cut sheet excellently.


This machine applies PLC controller and touch screen control system, even with high quality instruments, valves and pneumatic parts at home and abroad,perfect combination guarrantee the stability of control system, and makes the operation more convenient.
– Welded by high quality square profile steel and steel plate, which is subjected to heat treatment,to ensure the machine has no deformation,and has high durability after being assembled.
– This machine applies unique and advanced EPS heat penetration process,has the features of strong penetration, good quality products and energy-saving.
– Applies high-efficient vacuum system and cooling device to improve moulding speed and reduces the moisture content.
– This machine applies hydraulic pressure transmission, hydraulic ingot stripping,it makes steady running and tight locking.
– High production efficiency, especially suitable for making eps blocks of high density and thickness.

1Cutting specificationLmm20002000-40002000-6000
2Horizontrail cutting sizemm≥10≥10≥10
3Vertiacal cutting sizemm≥50≥50≥50
4Cross cutting sizemm≥50≥50≥50
6Material and Type hotwiremmDN0.4G20Ni80DN0.4G20Ni80DN0.4G20Ni80
7Frequnency coverterLoadkw1.51.5
8Cutting speed rangem/min0-40-40-4
9Main cutting TransformorCapacityKVA101010
10Vertical Cutting TransformorCapacityKVA555
11Machine DimensionmmSee machine layout
12Machine Weightkg3500-4200

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