How to make good mortar coated for EPS moulding ?

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mortar for eps moulding

To make foam decorative moulding,you need make mortar with mixer and convey them into the silo of foam coating machine which coat mortar on plain eps moulding.

mortar for eps moulding

We introduce how to make mortar for eps moulding below.
1. add the mixing water that is matched to the specified temperature in the primary mortar mixer, and the total time for adding water is not more than 1 min.

mortar mixer
mortar mixer

2. When the mixing water is added to 1/4, start the mortar mixer and start adding various liquid additives that have no adverse reactions to each other. After the addition, stir for 5 seconds.

3. Then add the solid batch to the mortar mixer and add it within 2 minutes. After adding, continue to stir for 1-3min according to the designed stirring cycle.

4. If it is single-stage stirring, after the stirring time is longer than 5min, you can add foaming agent while increasing the speed (greater than 300r/min), and stir quickly for 7-15 seconds to make the dispersion of the foaming agent reach a high uniformity.

5. But if it is secondary agitation, when the slurry is stirred in the final stage until the uniformity meets the requirements, the foaming agent should be added to the mixer, and then stirred for 7-15 seconds to make the foaming agent in Achieve high uniformity in the slurry.

eps moulding coating machine
eps moulding coating machine

Note: The total mixing time is not less than 5min, of which 1400r/min high speed stirring is not less than 2min, and the mixed foaming agent with 1400r/min rotation speed is not less than 7 seconds.

foam coating machine parameter:

 Model No.
Coating Width
Coating Height

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