Difference of 325 EPS pellet machine with other models

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325 eps granulator machine
325 eps granulator machine

Our eps pellet machine is for recycling eps foam waste and mineral wool waste etc,like the TV package box,food container,eps foam insulation waste etc. The line consists of eps shredder,eps pelletizer,cutter,water container,pipe and silo etc,The waste will be shredded,melted,cooled and cut into PS recycled particles.

325 eps granulator machine
325 eps granulator machine

325 eps pellet machine is different with other models like 220,280.It is with larger screw diameter and it is magnetic heating which is with short time for heating.


And the big difference is 325 model application which can recycle EPS foam waste and melted EPS,compacted EPS etc.

325 eps pellet machine
325 eps pellet machine

The manufacturing of EPS pellet machine is very common in our country. There are not many manufacturers can make good EPS pellet machine. Today we are introducing MYAID MACHINERY. This factory fills the gap of no experts in the EPS pellet industry in our country. As the main product, we have made great efforts in R&D and production. The quality and technology of the EPS pellet machines have been greatly improved. At present, it is a leader in the domestic market. we hope our machine can achieve long-term supply intentions.


In response to this situation, after dozens of tests, our company finally found a reasonable ratio. The EPS pellet machine has been developed and produced with characteristics of working efficiency, adjustable output speed, and completely non-blocking. The produced particles are very good. To improve the effect, we are in the leading position in the domestic technology. According to the different amount of waste foam used in different foam mining surfaces, our company has launched three different types of EPS pellet machine.


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