How to install EPS moulding on wall surface ?

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architectural moulding
architectural moulding

EPS foam is a kind of thermalplastic materials which contains 3-5 million independent bubbles.above 98% is air which is low thermal conductivity,and the air can not flow inside bubbles,so,EPS materials are performing good on insulation.

architectural foam molding
architectural foam molding

EPS materials are used on EPS moulding which is for decoration with low cost and light weight,it is various decoration effect. The EPS moulding are cut from EPS block by hot wire CNC foam cutting machine and EPS moulding are coated mortar by coating machine.

cnc foam cutting machine
cnc foam cutting machine

After the EPS moulding are made,how to install them on walls,the articles shows info for new users.let’s show it here below:

  1. The adhesive and mortar are mixed by 1.5;1 proportion,mix and stir them well.
  2. Clean the installation foundation without any impurity there. Install nails on wall surface with 700mm spacing,they work for fix the EPS moulding so that they do not drop.
  3. There will be gap between connections of different EPS moulding,you need coat them with adhesive.
  4. Install them on wall surface after coated adhesives.They can not move an inch with nails.adjust them for lining position.
  5. Remove extra adhesives with putty knife,remove smudginess by wet garment.coat new adhesive if any broken on surface.smooth the surface by sanding paper.
architectural moulding
architectural moulding

Hope the article can help new users who are going to install mouldings on walls. Thanks for reading.

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