styrofoam molding machine

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styrofoam molding machine

The styrofoam molding machine are for making eps styrofoam insulation molding,the eps prefoamed beads go into molding machine and come out with molded styrofoam block.

The comprehensive energy consumption cost and production benefit are more than 50% energy-saving than ordinary molding machines. It is a real high-efficiency energy-saving machine.

The entire styrofoam molding machine does not have a steam hose, and the steam valve is integrated inside the machine, resulting in stronger steam penetration, faster heating time, further reduction of energy consumption and safer machine operation.

It adopts double pressure reducing valve and double steam inlet configuration, and is controlled by the central energy distributor, the solid moving mold is heated separately, and the upper and lower double pipelines are heated at the same time.

The styrofoam molding machine adopts double vacuum and double condensing system, it can vacuum up and down at the same time, which can further shorten the molding time and greatly reduce the shrinkage rate of the product.

It adopts double drainage system and adopts central energy distributor control.

The styrofoam molding machine adopts dual high pressure feeding system, and can achieve simultaneous feeding and intermittent feeding, etc., which can shorten the feeding time, or do dual-color materials and other functions.

Adopting the back demolding method, the quick mold change frame is fixed, and the mold change track is not in the same direction as the product source, which can reduce the wear of the mold change frame and the track and is more conducive to the maintenance of the equipment.

The styrofoam molding machine is equipped with dual heat insulation steam chambers and is constructed with nano-polymer heat insulation materials, which not only saves mold opening costs, but also further reduces energy consumption.

The steam chamber is equipped with a powerful spray system, which has a good spray effect, and the nozzle is detachable for easy maintenance.

The entire frame is treated with aluminum ion plating, which has stronger anti-corrosion performance and ensures the stability of the body.

The touch screen is separated from the electric control cabinet, and the touch screen can be turned 360°, which is more convenient and safer to operate. The electronic control system adopts centralized control to improve the safety factor.

The styrofoam molding machine can realize hydraulic automatic clamping function (optional).

Optional automatic product conveying arm.

Optional energy consumption control system can accurately monitor the energy consumption of each product.

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