a new type of eps composite insulation block

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polystyrene insulation
polystyrene insulation

It is popular to see that composite block system takes the market now,because it is fast installation when construction team install it.we introduce one new kind of composite insulation block system.

eps styrofoam insulation
eps styrofoam insulation

Ceramic eps insulation and decoration integrated board is composite block system,it is a new type of exterior wall decoration material that integrates eps insulation effects and decorative effects. According to its internal structure, it is divided into four parts: fluorocarbon coating finish layer, inorganic calcium silicate board (carrier board), eps insulation layer (rock wool, xps, eps, etc.) which is made by eps cutting machine, bottom plate and so on. The finish layer of the energy-saving insulation board is coated with fluorocarbon paint, which has the following advantages: extraordinary durability, self-cleaning function, heavy anti-corrosion function; at the same time, it can be made into various decorative effects.

The middle layer is eps materials which is made of expanded polystyrene foam materials,eps performs as insulation for building.

hot wire eps cutting machine
hot wire eps cutting machine

The block of the ceramic eps insulation and decoration integrated board is fireproof material, and the eps insulation materials used in the eps insulation layer are all B1 or above. Not only the fire resistance, the imitation stone paint integrated eps insulation decorative board is also popular because of the following characteristics: The outer surface of the building and the outer wall insulation project with other characteristics. Imitation stone paint eps insulation and decoration integrated board is mainly suitable for decorating the walls of large buildings, such as villas, residences, and municipalities.

machine model
Max cutting size
2000*1300*1300 mm
4000*1300*1300 mm
6000*1300*1300 mm
8000*1300*1300 mm
Machine power
Machine size
4400*2600*3250 mm
6400*2600*3250 mm
8400*2600*3250 mm
10400*2600*3250 mm
Machine weight

Is there any insulation factory make eps insulation block? It is made by eps cutting machine.you can buy origin eps insulation block from insulation factory and cut it with your eps cutting machine for any size you want it to be.We can supply you one multifunctional eps cutting machine,you can finish cutting with one single machine.

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