Heavy duty EPS extruder recycling machine for EPS pellets

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EPS extruder
heavy duty EPS extruder

Heavy duty EPS extruder recycling machine with three inlets can feed EPS compacted waste,EPS hotmelt,original EPS waste etc.

The EPS extruder is meshless die head which can automatically remove dust and no need to change mesh.

EPS extruder
heavy duty EPS extruder

Feature of 250KG/H capacity for EPS extruder machine

Q:host and auxiliary extruder with electromagnetic heater at both stage

A:Heater for both stage. 4 section temperature control

Q:zlyj type gearbox at both stage

A:Hardened gear reducer,Purely copper motor

Q:double plate hydraulic screen changer at auxiliary  machine with heater set

A:Yes.Double Plate

Q:electric control cabinet


Q:production capacity of extruder each stage

A:200-250 kg/h for output beads

Q:material of screw and barrel of each stage

A:Manganese alloy steel screw. barrel is seamless pipe

Q:dimension of each stage of screw and barrel

A: 245 size screw for primary. 125 size screw for secondary

273 barrel for primary, 160 barrel for secondary

Q:screw flight thickness

A:16mm size

Q:needed Heating power each stage

A:6kw for primary 8kw  for secondary 10kw for die head

Q:Needed motor power each stage

A:22kw for primary  11kw for secondary

Q:Model of gearbox each stage

A:200 for primary and 173 for secondary



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