Things need to consider when you choose your models of EPS pre-expander

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EPS insulation block
EPS insulation block

People will consider many factors when they choose the eps pre-expander,these people are working for manufacturing EPS styrofoam sheets for insulation on the wall.Some peolpe pay more attentions for the pricing cost,some consider the machine performance,some consider the after sales service etc.

Myaid Machinery has enough experience for choosing the right models of EPS pre-expander,let us give you the key factors.

The most important factor of all is your demand for your manufactured need see if the machine can meet your demand,you make eps insulation sheets with above 20kg/m3,you will need the normal eps pre-expander,the automatic batch model is best for you.You will need another different eps pre-expander if you make lost foam castings.this is different,you need different machine.

modified eps foam block making machine

One small factor is also important for you to choose the machine,it is the extra application developed from the machine,i mean you can change a small part on the machine to extend the application from it.some times,it happens.

Hope it is clear for you to understand,you can give us a ring to know more.

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