Hot wire to groove EPS packaging

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EPS box machine
hot wire EPS box machine

EPS box can also be made by Hot wire machine,you just bend a wire model and groove on EPS pdas.Foam box manufacturers can make EPS foam box,let us see the classification of the use of foam plastics

Open-cell foam is a foam with interconnected micro-cells, and closed-cell foam is a closed-cell foam. There are two types of foam: hard and soft. According to the standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials, at a temperature of 18 ~ 29, within 5 seconds , wind a round rod with a diameter of 2.5 cm once, if there is no rupture, the sample belongs to soft foam, otherwise, it is a kind of rigid foam, plastic can also be divided into low foaming and high foaming, general foaming The foam ratio (the volume increase after foaming and the multiple before foaming) is less than 5. It is called low foaming, and if it is greater than 5, it is called high foaming.

EPS box machine
hot wire EPS box machine

1. Quality foam, that is, at room temperature, the polymer that constitutes the foam is crystalline or amorphous, and its glass transition temperature is higher than normal temperature, so the texture of the foam is hard at normal temperature.

2. Foam, that is, the melting point of the polymer forming the foam is lower than normal temperature or the glass transition temperature of the amorphous polymer is lower than normal temperature, and the material is soft at normal temperature.

3. Rigid (or semi-flexible) foam is a foam between the above two categories.

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