What is the materials for eps silo bag ?

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styrofoam silo
styrofoam silo

EPS silo works for storing pre-expanded eps beads from eps pre-expander machine until they are fully ripe,then they will be conveyed to eps block molding machine.

To make good eps silo bag,you need consider these factors:bag materials strength,fire proof,static free and free breathing.

EPS silo bag is made of Nylon materials which is also named as niplon fiber.nylon is strong to take the weight of whole EPS materials.and it is fire proof,when you make EPS,there will be static,and we can supply static free silo.EPS beads also need to breathe in the silo.

styrofoam silo
styrofoam silo

We will talk about the silo bag materials for pre-expanded EPS,it will be different bag materials for recycled EPS.

Enhanced strength

By adding 30% glass fiber to niplon fiber, the mechanical properties, dimensional stability, heat resistance, and aging resistance of niplon fiber are significantly improved, and the fatigue strength is 2.5 times that of unreinforced. The molding process of glass fiber reinforced niplon fiber is roughly the same as that when it is not reinforced, but because the flow is worse than before reinforcement, the injection pressure and injection speed should be appropriately increased, and the barrel temperature should be increased by 10-40°C.

Since the glass fiber will be oriented along the flow direction during the injection molding process, the mechanical properties and shrinkage rate will increase in the orientation direction, resulting in deformation of the product. Therefore, the position and shape of the gate should be reasonable during mold design, and the process can be improved The temperature of the mold, put the product in hot water after taking it out, and let it cool down slowly. In addition, the greater the proportion of glass fiber added, the greater the wear on the plasticizing components of the injection molding machine. It is better to use bimetallic screws and barrels.

eps silo bag
eps silo bag

Flame retardant

Because flame retardants are added to niplon fiber, most flame retardants are easy to decompose at high temperatures, release acidic substances, and have a corrosive effect on metals. Therefore, plasticizing components (screw, rubber head, rubber ring, rubber Washers, flanges, etc.) need to be hard chrome plated. In terms of technology, try to control the temperature of the barrel not to be too high, and the injection speed not to be too fast, so as to avoid discoloration of the product and degradation of mechanical properties due to the decomposition of the rubber material due to the high temperature.

2.5m*2.5m* (4+1)mNylon and clothStatic free
2.5m*2.5m*(2.5+1)mNylon and clothStatic free
CustomizedNylon and clothStatic free

Freely breathe

It has good tensile strength, imniplon fiberct resistance, rigidity, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, surface hardness and other properties, high light transmittance, similar to optical glass, processing temperature is 300-315 ℃, when molding processing, it needs Strictly control the temperature of the barrel.

These above factors are important for the reason why nylon is to be the materials of eps silo bag.The eps silo is for pre-expanded EPS and it will be different materials of silo bag for recycled EPS.Just contact us for more info..

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