The reason why EPS moulding are popular in the market

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eps molding
eps molding

Because EPS moulding can be fireproof and do not emit toxic substances, it is a new type of architectural decoration material in recent years. It is a new type of exterior wall decoration moulding and component. It can completely replace traditional GRC cement components and is an environmental friendly high-quality decorative building materials. It can ensure that the external wall of building does not show cold and hot bridge effects. Not affected by temperature changes, cold and heat resistant; not affected by humid climate and acid rain. It has the advantages of easy installation, economy and long durability. It also completely overthrew the tradition that only GRC and plaster can be used for exterior wall decorative moulding, and it has received wide attention in the construction industry.

eps molding
eps molding

EPS moulding machine consist of CNC eps cutting machine,foam coating machine,mortar mixing machine,arc cutter etc.

Myaid machinery is an enterprise specializing in the machines for building wall insulation materials and exterior wall decorative moulding, integrating R&D, production, sales, installation and training. Our EPS moulding machine series are even more preferred. They are all cut by computer numerical control, which is fast to manufacture and has a wide range of models, such as moulding, Roman columns, window covers, buckets, etc., which can be installed on the four sides of windows, door edges, eaves and corners. The wall; make the facade of the building more beautiful. Our eps moulding machines have good safety and durability. The main products are foam moulding cutting machine, foam moulding scraper, wet slurry mixer, wet slurry feeder, foam curved window cover machine, and dry powder mixer , Dry powder feeding machine, corbel cutting machine, moulding head saw, foam engraving machine and other foam moulding production machinery. It can produce carvings, window cover moulding, waist moulding, door cover moulding, cornice, corbels, Roman columns, door trims, decorative components and other products, and can accept drawings to make. We have advanced complete sets of EPS moulding coating machine and testing machine, very dedicated technical personnel and experienced installation training team, which can bring you satisfactory after-sales results. What are you waiting for?

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