How to recycle foam insulation box

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eps shredder
eps shredder

As the consumption of residents upgrades, more and more consumers purchase fresh food from e-commerce platforms. Cold-chain food delivery by packages which often have to go through multiple transits, transportation, and distribution. During this period, they have to go through many loading and unloading times before they finally reach the consumers. Therefore, the fresh fruit and vegetable packaging solution is very critical. From the perspective of the cold chain delivery model, you can usually see foam box packaging when you go by online shopping for fresh food.

foam box
foam box

The foam insulation box adopts advanced product technology and technological innovation, and integrates the advantages of traditional cardboard boxes, foam insulation boxes, and high-density foam plastic insulation boxes. At the same time, it has a high degree of customization advantage. It has a wide range of usage scenarios and can definitely be a cold chain The rapid development of the fresh food industry provides a boost, reduces the cost of packaging materials, and provides reliable business support.

The above gives the advantage of foam insulation box,the problem is that they have to be recycled after you get your food from the box,how to recycle them?

China made eps shredder
China made eps shredder

You can have several options for recycling foam insulation box.You can recycle them by melting them into melted EPS ingots,you can reuse them by shredding can compact them and you can even make them into recycled beads for xps insulation sheets etc.

The eps shredder is a must for you to recycle the foam insulation box,no matter what ways of recycling as above.Cause foam box is big size,you need eps shredder to crush it into small pieces to further process them.

Model No.
Input size
shaft qty
5.5 kw
5.5 kw
7.5 kw
11 kw

EPS shredder parameter as above

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