nylon mesh can be used for EPS silo system

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eps silo bag
eps silo bag

Nylon is mainly used for synthetic fibers,it is also named as polyoamide. Its outstanding advantage is that its abrasion resistance is higher than all other fibers, 10 times higher than cotton abrasion resistance, and 20 times higher than wool. Adding some nylon fibers to the blended fabric can greatly improve its abrasion resistance. Abrasion resistance; when stretched to 3-6%, the elastic recovery rate can reach 100%; it can withstand tens of thousands of times of bending without breaking.

EPS silo
EPS silo

The strength of nylon fiber is 1-2 times higher than cotton, 4-5 times higher than wool, and 3 times stronger than viscose fiber. However, nylon fiber has poor heat resistance and light resistance, and poor retention. The clothes made are not as stiff as polyester. In addition, nylon used for clothing has the shortcomings of poor moisture absorption and dyeability. For this reason, a new variety of nylon fiber-a new type of nylon fiber has been developed, which has light weight, good wrinkle resistance, good air permeability and good durability. , Dyeability and heat setting, so it is considered to be very promising.

For civilian use, it can be blended or purely spun into various medical and knitwear. Nylon filaments are mostly used in the knitting and silk industries, such as woven single stockings, stretch stockings and other wear-resistant nylon socks, nylon gauze, mosquito nets, nylon lace, stretch nylon outerwear, all kinds of nylon silk or interwoven silk products. Nylon staple fibers are mostly used for blending with wool or other chemical fiber wool-type products to make all kinds of wear-resistant clothing materials.

In industrial application, nylon is used in large quantities to make cords, industrial cloths, cables, conveyor belts, tents, fishing nets, etc.

As for EPS industry,it is widely used as storage bag in the EPS silo system.

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