Working principle of cnc foam cutting machine

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single hot wire cnc foam cutting machine
single hot wire cnc foam cutting machine

The computer in the numerical control device of cnc foam cutting machine performs a series of processing on the information recorded by the input device in the form of numbers and characters, and then sends instructions to the machine and feed through the servo system and programmable controller. According to these instructions, and being  with the cooperation of the detection feedback device, the various actions required for workpiece processing, such as the motion path, displacement and feed speed of the tool relative to the workpiece, these are automatically controlled to complete the processing of the product.

cnc foam cutting machine
hot wire machine

Our CNC foam cutting machine support AutoCAD,CorelDRAW,AI etc software,the DWG,DXF,PLT,JPG format files can be imported,the cutting routine can be automatically generated without programming. and automatically suit the cutting objects.We save the DevFoam software in the USB flash disk and customer can install it in your computer and let us know your computer code,we will permit your usage of devfoam software with our code.


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