Installation and debugging of cnc foam cutting machine

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hot wire cnc foam cutting machine
hot wire cnc foam cutting machine

The installation principle of cnc foam cutting machine

Choose a good working environment (avoid direct sunlight, arc light and heat source radiation, strong electricity and strong magnetic interference, the work site should be clean, shockproof, dry air, small temperature difference, etc.), determine the installation position of each part of the machine tool, and calibrate the machine tool The horizontal position secures the machine tool and is conducive to the safe use of the machine tool, and finally meets the various regulations of CNC equipment installation technology.

The debugging of CNC foam cutting machine is an extremely important work before the machine tool is officially used, and it is also the last preparation work for a more intuitive process. The content of debugging work is much, adjustment and experiment are often carried out in cross, and it is very technical. The quality of the debugging work not only affects whether the machine tool can be started normally, but also whether the machine tool can operate normally for a long time, reduce the probability of failure, and extend the life of the machine tool. The debugging of CNC equipment should be carried out in accordance with the requirements of the relevant technical data attached to the machine tool, and should also be carried out in accordance with the relevant provisions of the machine tool testing general rules and other standards. 5. Numerical control system functions Numerical control functions include standard (basic) functions and optional (special) functions. The inspection and acceptance of the numerical control function shall be carried out in accordance with its operation manual and the agreement of the order contract. The content of CNC function acceptance mainly includes the following items.

single hot wire cnc foam cutting machine
single hot wire cnc foam cutting machine

(1) Feed motion command function.

This is the most basic processing function of CNC foam cutting machine. It includes commands such as rapid traverse (point positioning), linear interpolation, circular interpolation, and thread interpolation (including turning, milling, and tapping). Features.

(2) Other command functions

Other command functions include coordinate system selection and setting, coordinate plane selection, program stop (software pause), (delay) pause, mirroring, coordinate transformation, polar coordinates, spindle constant linear speed, canned cycle, Command functions such as subprogram call, user macro program, tool selection and exchange, graphics rotation and scaling, program end and spindle stop.

(3) Operation functions

Operation functions of cnc foam cuttting machine include various manual operation, single-segment operation, arbitrary block start, each coordinate axis return to origin, spindle and feedrate override adjustment, feed hold, axis prohibition, semi-automatic tool setting and emergency Stop and other functions.

(4) Display function

This function of cnc foam cutting machine displays the coordinate position (absolute/incremental), program content, menus on each page, parameter setting, graphic simulation and tracking, editing modification, self-diagnosis content and alarming functions through the CRT screen display.

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