eps cutting line

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continous eps cutting line
continous eps cutting line

EPS cutting line is for cutting eps styrofoam insulation sheets. The eps cutting line can work with good capacity over 60m³/h.It is more advanced and more automatic than single eps cutting machine in below aspects.

continous eps cutting line
continous eps cutting line
  1. EPS cutting line is automatically wire setting,the wires can be automatically set in PLC display screen with your size for sheets.single cutting machine is by manual setting.
  2. it is with wires oscilatting working.The eps cutting line can work for bigger capacity and for higher density eps sheets.it can also work for cutting some non flammable eps styrofoam sheets.
  3. It is full automatic and continous eps cutting line.You need no loading and unloading heavy and big eps block manually.

The machine frame is good production with square steel which is strong support for machine to work with good precision,the loading rack can load the eps block automatically;the packaing unit can pack the cut sheets in units.

The machine parts are from Japan and Taiwan,or parts of China made eps cutting line.

We list its configutation below for you to see.



eps cutting line
eps cutting line

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